Coalcliff House

Coalcliff House
Ken Bolton & Sal Brereton standing beside house. Photo by Kurt Brereton (1980)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

There are a few images of the replicated Coalcliff house living room and some drawings and film stills from the exhibition on my blog
the deletions
. All the best from Pam

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Kurt at home, day of the launch

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the opening night

Here are some of my shots from Friday night’s reading to add to Denis’s Saturday images and Pam’s link.

Nicholas Pounder, who opened the show

Tom Thompson, with Pam Brown and Sal Brereton in background

Alan Jefferies

Denis Gallagher (and Denis Gallagher)

Barbara Brooks

Pam Brown

Rae Desmond Jones

Ken Bolton

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coalcliff Days Launch, Wollongong Regional Gallery

David Musgrave

Barbara Brooks

Adam Aitken, Tom Thompson, Pam Brown, Micky Allan,
Kurt Brereton, [front] Ken Bolton, Laurie Duggan

Sally Evans

Cath Kenneally

Alan Jefferies

Adam Aitken

Arcadia Lyons

Ken Bolton

Oscar Schwartz, Ella O'Keefe, Ann Vickery, Michael Farrell

Laurie Duggan, Denis Gallagher [on screen above],

John Jenkins [on screen below]

Tom Thompson

Sal Brereton

Rae Desmond Jones, Ken Bolton

Arnie Goldman, Nick Pounder, Cath Kenneally, Laurie Duggan

All images © Denis Gallagher 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

I only took a few quietish photos at last Saturday's Coalcliff Days reading. Click here to see them. Very best from Pam Brown

Monday, April 18, 2011

e-book editions now available


We have now published e-book versions of the three Coalcliff Days books (Jellied Tongue Press). Just go to and type in authors in the search box to find the books. It is easy to download them as PDF files.

exhibition now running

The exhibition opening was a great success. Lots of the old gang turned up over the weekend including Ken Bolton, Pam Brown, Micky Allan, Laurie Duggan, Barbara Brooks, Tom Tompson, Rae Desmond Jones, Alan Jefferies, Kate Richards, Denis Gallagher, Sal and Kurt Brereton. Unfortunately we missed Steve Kelen, Leigh Stokes and Erica Callan. Still, not a bad turnout all weird things considered.

Both poetry readings (Friday night/Saturday arvo) attracted a good crowd too. The three books were launched by Nick Pounder and the last few over run copies were sold on the night.

Media interviews for The Illawarra Mercury, ABC Radio and WINTV News were conducted with Ken Bolton and Kurt Brereton.

Video and audio recordings were made of the opening night and readings. Stay turned for a little feature story on ABC Radio National Poetica with a bit of luck and follow through.

The show runs until May 22. Copies of the 3 new books are included as part of the exhibition.

Kurt Brereton and Pam Brown will be doing an exhibition floor talk at the gallery on May 4 at 12 noon. FREE

Thanks everyone for supporting this rare historic meeting of the arts 'n minds.

Go to the Coalcliff Days website for photos of the exhibition at